Saturday, June 19, 2010

A few changes here aka Nesting

So you know about "nesting" right? The crazy pregnant girl urge to reorganize everything and move lots of furniture? Boy howdy do I have it BAD this time. I expect at any moment for my family to call me to task on it!

Today I had the bedroom painted! This YUMMY yellow color. Now side note, we have lived here for four years. In that time I had never painted my bedroom. I've been picking a color for four years. Because I'm a dork. It's been dirty white all this time. ICKY white. Anyhow I finally pick this yellow, which I love. Then I realize it's the same stinking yellow I had in my last bedroom AND the same yellow I put in Stephen's bedroom. I mean not the exact same but really crazy close. Four years to decide on a color I've used TWICE already. It's ok I love it anyhow! Mom! Look! I made the bed! Those of you who know Brian and I really well know this is an issue for us. He has like SEVEN layers of blankets on his side, I have just the sheet. He doesn't care about making beds, but it drives me CRAZY that it's so hard to make a bed like that. Anyhow I finally figured it out sorta. It's not super crisp, but it doesn't look like a sloppy teenager lives here either. (In the seven layers, six are from his or my HIGH SCHOOL beds. There is some ICK factor with that.) That deer picture has been in my Farrell family for generations and I LOVE it more than I can express. I'm going to hang my huge mini-quilt collection over the bed. It is going to look CHARMING. *
That lovely quilt my mom made when I was a kid. I'm working on a large king sized quilt, but I HAVE to have a handmade quilt folded at the bottom of my bed, even if it doesn't really fit. Also, yes I have a lot of books, no, these are not all of them, not even close.
See that awesome flamingo painting? So I steal stuff from my mom. I tell her and all, so I guess I extort stuff from her. Anyhow she had this FANTASTIC art in her Laundry Room. Right over the litter box. Like for the cats to look at while they use it. Um.. heck no! I had to "rescue" it. See how awesome it looks in my room. When I was picking colors this painting was one of the things any color HAD to go with. I've been watching House Hunters and everyone hates mirrored closet doors. I had no idea! I love mine. I also love my pool view and those curtains are black out. :)

This is the last view, sorta boring, you can see into the bathroom a bit, on the floor are the mini quilts. (I don't keep them on the floor, I just put them there for the picture.) Flaming June is the orange art, it's my favorite art of all time.
Other things I've done is rearrange the kid's furniture. I do this all the time. I keep thinking that if I figure it out just right they will go to sleep without complaint. I'm not sure why I think this? Sometimes I want to just chuck ALL their toys and get them down to dressers and beds only. Not really, but it's a sick fantasy of mine. haha.
We took that cute huge rat back. Switched him for a different rat. What I thought at the store was cuddliness was actually terror. Nice. A terrified rodent isn't a good mix with kids. Jumpy and bites. Also the rat and Victor were not friends. And it bit me a lot. So I switched. I'll get pics of the real new rat soon. His name is Roderick. We are TOTALLY keeping him. He's one of the best rats ever and Victor loves him. They sleep squished together in a tiny corner of the huge cage. They are both very happy.
So you know my living room? And how the way the TV is I can't put any more seating in there and it bothers me. A lot. Well I think I figured something out! I'm hoping Brian will help me try it later. He's tired from all the moving of furnature and the TONS of yard work he did today. (I did stuff too, just not heavy stuff, pregnant and all.) Anyhow if it works I'll take pictures of that tomorrow.
I reorganized my pantry some. I redid some of the scrapbook room, just minor changes in there, I have a REALLY well organized scrapbook room. I made curtains for the kid's rooms. OH! I should sort out my closet and dresser! I'm so doing that next week!
We find out if the baby is a boy or girl next Thursday. I'll be sure to tell you.

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Mary said...

Congrats Erin! I was just popping in to see how you were getting along. The boys have grown so much!! We're all doing good here. I haven't paper crafted in FOREVER, but I did rearrange my studio today. I'm trying to decide whether to sell my stamps and stuff. It's been over a year and a half now... I have several friends that have asked to let them know if I have a yard sale. Hahaha Anyway, it was nice to read your blog. Take care and best wishes with the new baby!