Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tears for Jeff

So look how adorable and sad Ethan can look and imagine this face during the story:

Yesterday we needed some packing tape and insoles. So we drove right up to the CVS quick as you please. Now my car has a lot of junk in it. Kid junk, but plenty of junk just the same. When we got there I hopped out to undo Ethan's many straps on his carseat. Imagine my suprise to see him crying and holding an old Toys R Us paper crown from Stephen's birthday.
E: I'm wishing Jeffrey would come back
Me: *thinking we are talking about the giraffe at Toys R Us, because he's holding the crown and fingering the picture of the giraffe* I think he only comes when stores open.
E: No! My uncle Jeffrey, I think he's dead because I know he's loving me, but he never visits me anymore.
S: Uncle Jeffrey is dead? What??
E: *rolls eyes at Stephen* no, MY uncle Jeffrey
M: NO! Uncle Jeffrey is FINE guys, he's DEFINATELY not dead. He's doing great. He's happy!
E: Why is he never visiting me? I know he loves me! *starts to dry tears*
M: Well he's really busy, but we can see if we can visit him in a few weeks.
E: If he's not dead he will let me visit him.

OH MY HECK. First of all you see why I thought it was the stupid giraffe right? I mean he was holding a picture of him on the paper crown. We "met" the giraffe when the new Toys R Us opened in our town. Second of all Jeffrey has visited us TWICE in Ethan's life. And yes, Jeffrey (who goes by Jeff now) does love Ethan, he even mailed him a Birthday card recently. My point is it's not like Jeff used to come once a month then suddenly no contact for a year. But it HAS been a year.

I talked to my mom and she said she will try to get Jeff for one of the days when we are there. Even if it's just for dinner. She also emailed Ethan some photos of Jeff to "prove" that he's ok. Ethan is ok now.

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