Friday, November 20, 2009

Horse Day

So today was Horse Day at Stephen's school. The first and third Friday of each month his class all walks to the back of the school where there is a barn full of horses and a nice lady Sandy who takes care of them. Sandy was nice enough to offer Ethan a ride but he didn't want to. This horse is a teddybear of a thing, loved attention, and totally gentle.
Here is Stephen riding in his smart helmit. That's Sandy guideing the horse.
More riding.
And more riding.
While they wait they sit on these huge logs. You would think this was part of the event, they all love sitting on logs. This close kid I think is worried about internet safety and didn't want his picture taken.
So this is cool, for some reason I'm crazy popular at S's school. With kids I mean. The adults like me fine, I'm involved but not overbearing, so they like me. But the kids, I mean I walk in and they are all, "Stephen's MOMMY!!" And they had a little mini argument about who got to sit next to me on the log and all. The little girl who won was so happy and snuggled up to me and all.
That little girl by the way is popular. You'd not think they had that in preschool? And another little girl who is also popular is a bit bossy. This is confusing and even a bit distressing for Stephen. For months this bossy girl has been running "Follow the Leader". Apparently she never lets anyone else be the leader. Ever. So Stephen tried to start up his own game and no one will jump ship and play with Stephen taking turns of being leaders, they all stay following this one girl! I get an update every day on his progress overthrowing this girl but I think it's not ment to be.
Now if you know me really well you may know about MY experience in preschool. Yes, the pencil girl. What you don't know? Ok I accidentally scratched this girl with a pencil. Not a big deal, didn't leave a mark. Well she threatened me that if I didin't do everything she said forever that she would sue my family for "every last penny you have" and we would loose our house and my parents would go to jail. I was TERRIFIED of this girl. So for an entire school year I did everything she said. Even when my dad's friend Ricky Wildman, who I WORSHIPED gave me a stuffed animal and I took it to nap time she made me give it to her! And she kept it. Well when there was just a few weeks left she said my time serving her was up. But wouldn't you know within two days I DID IT AGAIN! Scratched the same girl with a pencil again! What the heck? So I finished the year in terror, then we moved and that was the end of it. Thank heavens we moved or I'd probably be doing this heffer's taxes right now or something.
My point is that none of the kids at Stephen's school are that mean. They are actually all pretty sweet and fun. I'm glad he has a great school.
Pregnancy update: I'm very sick. I mean horrible sick. I hate it. And wouldn't you know Thanksgiving is next week. I can barely eat anything, the idea of all those food smells in one location? I have gotten sick like 5 times just thinking about it. Stupid all day food holiday. I'm also in the middle of a bit of a problem. I won't go into it but it's a bit scary. It SHOULD be all figured out Monday. I hope so, I'm tired of being sick AND scared.

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BeckyButtshaw said...

yay! congrats on the pregnancy! Sorry you're so sick :( I loathe the 1st part of pregnancy. If you need to chat, send me a line. Hang in there!