Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is pool season over?

Pool season is just about done for us. It's been lovely weather lately. But today we just had to get in, couldn't let it end without one more swim.

This is something Stephen calls "Monkey Bars" he goes all around the pool like this.
Ethan does it in a float. (we had sloppy joes for dinner)
Funny face:
Two funny faces:
Stephen protests the demands of my photo taking.
Charlotte acting dead.
Brian spent the whole time working on cleaning. *boring*
Me. yes, I am using an Elmo pencil to style my hair. Doesn't everyone?
Ethan is a ham.
Stephen is not.
He's "letting my blue fish drink all the water in my elephant flower watering thing"
Now he's hamming it up.
Weird kids.

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Zollingers said...

looks like a lot of fun. Love the BUM!