Thursday, August 28, 2008

Storm Damage, Baseball, Ikea and Sea World.

A LOT to catch up on.

First of all we had Tropical Storm Fay. The problem with this storm is that it stayed over us for an entire day. So we had crap weather for over two days. We lost power for more than one day too. It sucked. It's HOT here with no power. Anyhow this is our damage: See this tree fell in our neighbor's yard and the roots are up under our fence. POOP! It could be ages before she gets that tree cut up and hauled away. It's like 20+ feet, we simply cannot do it for her, we did check. So we can't put up the new fence until that's done. We did pull all this down and cut it into pieces that they can take away and went to Lowes and got the crap for a new fence. So whenever that tree leaves we can get the job done.
We went to baseball on Tuesday. Here are pics:

Yesterday we went to Sea World. Our kids slept in so we did too. That ment we wanted to eat lunch in Orlando before going into the park. We got off the highway in Orlando. We saw McDonalds, A chicken place, but we wanted something different. Then we drove by a little side street, Brian said, "what's down there" I turned and saw... AN IKEA!!!! And of course Ikea has food. So we went because Brian loves me so much! Ikea sells fabric! Yummy fabric. I bought all this:
Close up of some fabrics:And the others:
Then we went into Sea World. It was wicked hot. Just crazy super hot. We had a good time though. These pics are from the Shamu show. did you know that Ethan is CRAZY for killer whales? He is! He LOVES them. Um.. he really was happy, it's just so stinking hot. And yes, we drank gallons of water.
My guys enjoying the show.
Here they are getting off a ride in Shamu's Happy Harbor.
And finally look at this cool mail Brian got! He sent the card to this football guy and the guy sent back this nice letter, the card signed and a little pin. That's so cool!


Kim H. said...

What a sucky thing to have to deal with after the storm! Glad you are all safe though :)

What fun family photos! Sam loves killer whales too!

YUMMY fabric from IKEA!

Linda B said...

It looks like you are having a great staycation! And it also looks like Ethie is going to play pro ball. Hopefully for the Red Sox. You can never plan too early for that!

I had no idea that IKEA had fabric?!! I shall have to check into that.

Loves, MMMTsss

Zollingers said...

Miss Florida, yet not this time of year!! We never did get any Tropical Storms while we were there. Kinda missed out!