Wednesday, November 14, 2007

sorry it's been so long. *hangs head in shame*

Our camera is on the fritz, we are refusing to admit that we need a new one. We insist we just need new batteries, they keep loosing charge in like two minutes. So the point is that we are not taking the camera anywhere and we are a run around in our bed clothes all day family so we don't take lots of pics here at home.

But I do have some I had not shown you and here they are:

This next photo Stephen took, he's taking up photography.
In other news me and the tots got colds last week. No shocker there we always get colds. We are pretty much over it.

Stephen can open all doors now even with those child proof thingies on them. It's a problem, like this morning at 8 I hear something and go look and he's unlocking and opening the FRONT door! So we are going to put a latch lock at the top of that. It's super classy like we live in a NYC apartment or something. Also we are going to put a baby gate up on the hall so Stephen can only get in his two rooms. It's like he's on lock down but I'm sure you can imagine the trouble he gets into when we are still sleeping. He's sneaky too, he doesn't even try to wake us up.

Ethen is sweet and growing and cute as usual. He's a super wild monkey child though and we are considering getting him that kid leash you see around. Because he's always getting away from us in stores and stuff. (remember that video I posted where he makes a break for it)

I taught a class at the Local Stamp Store yesterday that went really well. It was a huge involved class, I was worried that would be a problem, but it was good.

Well Stephen is at the computer now and he thinks that the computer is just an animal photo generator so I guess I'd better go google some cute animals.

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