Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Last week we went on vacation. I broke my wrist on the last day though so I'm going to mostly just put pics. I am fine, it just hurts to type.

lots of driving
Got lost on a road called 32. (THANKS GOOGLE MAPS)
32 wasn't all paved and has nowhere to turn around...
Then to the Aquaruim of the Smokies

Sawfish is Ethan's new favorite. He calls them "my best guy"


Spider crabs are HUGE

We hiked a lot, it was the best part.

Right in here is where I broke my wrist. I thought it was maybe a sprain though so no stopping for me.

We also visited our AWESOME friends Rhett and Jessica Tucker. Forgot to take pics. We will visit them again soon. They are the best. We had not seen them in years and it was like we had seen them just the day before.
And here is my cast. The kids "signed" it. I got black so it would not show dirt. dirty casts skeeze me out. I didn't realize any white would show though. Bummer. Can I paint it black?

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